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The lawyers at Hall, Hieatt & Connely have extensive trial experience, an increasingly rare phenomenon in today's legal arena.We believe that true trial lawyers are the best representatives a client can have in a litigated matter, regardless of whether the matter is ultimately settled or resolved in the courtroom.

To help our clients achieve successful outcomes and minimize costs, we emphasize efficient preparation and early evaluation of issues.We work with clients to develop a reasonable budget and a sound approach to their cases.

The depth and diversity of our experience, our dedication to cost effective case management, and our commitment to provide the best legal services available are among the reasons we excel at meeting our client's litigation needs.

Insurance Defense/Casualty Litigation

Hall, Hieatt & Connely is one of the most recognized insurance defense law firms in San Luis Obispo County.Our firm handles insurance defense matters for insurance companies, third party administrators, managing general agents, self-insured municipalities and private entities, as well as joint self-insurance pools.

Our defense practice firm aggressively defends all claims against an insurer and its insureds including property and casualty matters, premises liability, insurance contracts, subrogation claims, bad faith insurance, first and third party claims, construction accidents, products liability, personal injury, wrongful death and slip and fall claims.

Our attorneys handle casualty matters for major insurance carriers and self-insured parties.These matters include a wide variety of property damage claims as well as personal construction, and automobile injury claims.

As a result, we have gained significant knowledge of both the legal and practical issues confronting our clients in these cases.

Medical Malpractice Litigation

We defend health care professional's in all types of medical malpractice litigation.Our representation includes the management of all aspects of litigation from pre-trial preparation through discovery, trial preparation, trial, and appeals.

We have a strong record of success defending professionals in medical injury and negligence cases.We understand the complexity and the extensive preparation that a medical malpractice trial involves.The damage to the reputation of a hospital, nursing home, or individual medical professional that comes from losing a medical malpractice lawsuit cannot be recovered in malpractice insurance.It is important to minimize the harm of these suits by choosing a law firm with the resources to present an effective defense.

Employment Law

Our employment attorneys will assist you through the myriad of employment law issues faced by companies either public or private.We work closely with our clients to help them most efficiently operate their human resources functions and to prevent future disputes.Our clients rely on us for advise on day-to-day personnel issues as well as complex and high exposure legal disputes.Our attorneys are prepared to vigorously defend your company.

Public Entity

Our firm has a long history of successfully handling legal issues for virtually every municipality, school district and self-insured joint powers authorities.Representing these entities requires knowledge of a unique body of law which the firm has acquired over the years.Many of the public entities we represent have been clients for more than 25 years.

Product Liability

A product defect claim can severely impact a manufacturer's reputation and threaten its ability to continue operations.Our attorneys are aware of the unique problems created by these claims.We work with our clients to minimize these problems, efficiently resolve litigation when it arises, and avoid additional claims in the future.We have handled injury and death claims, as well as lawsuits involving substantial property damage and economic loss.


Our record of success in the courtroom speaks for itself.However, if an appeal is necessary, or the opposing party has filed an appeal, our appellate attorneys are fully prepared to brief and argue our client's case before any federal or state appellate court.The firm has had a stellar record in successfully concluding matters on appeal with a number of published opinions.

Real Estate and Construction Litigation

By its very nature, the construction process often brings diverse entities together.Lenders, developers, land owners, contractors, design professionals, material handlers, and unions may all be involved in a single construction project.

To meet the challenges that arise from this amalgam, our attorneys use an interdisciplinary approach.We combine our expertise in land use, real estate transactions, and real estate trial law with our knowledge of environmental law.

We have represented parties involved in each phase of the construction process.Our attorneys are particularly knowledgeable about legal issues that can arise in the course of a construction project, including design and workmanship concerns, construction delays, and contract disputes.

Professional Malpractice Litigation

Our professional malpractice attorneys specialize in the defense of professionals in the medical, real estate, legal and insurance fields.The attorneys represent clients in all types of malpractice claims, including malicious prosecution and abuse of process.When liability is reasonably certain and damages are evident, we undertake efforts to settle the case prior to discovery.When advisable, we employ confidentiality covenants to minimize harm to the professionals' standing in the community.


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